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Unicorn… LOL 🌈🐴

You know stuff like this kind of annoys me. I know it is supposed to be funny and all but some fans really do see him like some mystical saint that has never touched a boob and it gets kind of ridiculous.  lmao.

Someone needs to do an article: Reasons Why Tom Hiddleston is an Actual Person.

Featuring real facts like: Ok people. He has pores. He drinks water to hydrate. He makes terrible jokes. He has a grouchy face….

 All of the BuzzFeed articles are about how he is some perfect person and it kind of creeps me out. I know they are joking and I wouldn’t have an issue with it but some fans build him up to God like status and it’s like chill dude. I’m sure he can be a dick sometimes like everyone else, he has flaws too.

Wow… Calm down… I’m pretty sure no one thinks he’s an actual unicorn… Geez…
It’s all for fun, ladies…You know, FUN?

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